What our customers are saying

"The lady who helped me was very knowledgeable, and assisted me through  my 1st buy from a service as if we had done this together before. she  showed up at our public meeting place at the agreed time, and with a  cute little gift bag with a logo. nice touch! I have already recommended  the service to 2 others and we live in Pittsburg which is just a bit  out of their range. the drive and the money are well worth it. very nice  flowers start to finish."

Latsryc on weedmaps

"Very impressed! We will definitely be ordering again! Ordering was  quick and painless-no intense forms. All staff was friendly and polite and arrived under 30 mins! We were given the option to choose what  strain we wanted to try for our free gram- which we had never experienced before! New to the area-first time we can say we have had a good experience! Thank you!"

Vbellini on weedmaps

"First time trying MCDG and I will forever be a customer. Great price,  bud looks like photo and smells phenomenal!! Service was quick,and  friendly. My driver was very nice. Try them and  you will become a loyal customer too!! Thank you MCDG!"

Sharita (Shay85 on weedmaps)

"So far i have ordered a few times and i am loving it they had a quick sign up. Fast delivery AND they used my name. Sorry but what service have you used that has actually taken the time. Just saying-and the  prices....psht amazing. Overall you shoud just do it order don’t think do!"

AliciaPerez on weedmaps

"I loved not only their service but they have the best pricing around for  indoor flowers. The market is flooded right now with outdoor but these guys are priced at outdoor prices and they are indoor flowers. Don't be fooled, their medicine is top grade. After reading the reviews I confirmed that they are totally professional, discreet and will work  with you like no other. These guys ROCK! I tried their sunset, picked up an ounce for only $200, no one is competing and if they are, its  shake or crappy outdoor. They also provided me lab results."

ShareneRobinson on weedmaps

"I stopped driving my ass to Berkeley and called up a delivery service.  This was my first delivery service and I’ve always felt safe dealing  with Mcdg. The price is right and the weed is legit."

Hashtagbrownie on weedmaps